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Brazilian Waxing Brisbane, Although it may have some of you cringing in fear, we at Millk Studios we can guarantee that your Brazilian wax will be as swift and pain-free as possible.  We have been providing brazilian waxing services for both men and women for over 11 Years, and have honed our skills to Perfection.

The brazilian wax is a specialist form of wax, and is perfomed by a male or female therapist. We have years of experience in both male and female waxing.  Brazilian waxing is a fairly intimate form of waxing, it’s important to make sure you know what to expect. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have, however below you’ll find a brief outline of the procedure.

So what actually happens when you have a Brazilian wax?

The procedure is simple, but as it involves such a personal area, we always ensure that our clients are relaxed and feeling completely comfortable first. If you have any concerns or special requirements, we’ll be happy to accommodate for this.

We also always ensure that all of our equipment and facilities are completely hygienic, and use only medical-grade gloves and single-use wooden spatulas.

The main concern people have regarding the Brazilian is – does it hurt? This can depend on a few things – how sensitive your skin is, and how strong your pubic hair is. But usually it’s all over so quickly you’ll barely feel a thing.

The wax we use for a Brazilian is different to the sort of wax you may have used at home in the past. It is a hot, non-strip wax designed especially for more sensitive skin that’s applied directly to the hair, then quickly removed after it’s dried.

Because of the sensitive nature of skin around the pubic region, you will be required to keep the skin taut. You will be asked to help out with this, especially in areas where there’s no bone or muscle underneath.

After waxing, we apply a soothing lotion to reduce any discomfort you may be feeling.

Results usually last anywhere from four weeks to two months, however you’ll find that the more often you wax, the slower and finer your hair will grow back.

So there you have it – the Brazilian wax. If you have any other questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call us, or drop by to check out our studios in Darlinghurst and Teneriffe and meet our friendly staff.


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